Triggering a popup on check box tick

Triggering a popup on check box tick


I have a table with 2 columns.  The 1st one contains an expression and the 2nd a checkbox.  After the checkbox is ticked, a popup should be triggered in which a value can be assigned to the expression.

Is it possible to trigger a popup when the checkbox is ticked?  If so, could you give me a step-by-step explanation?

Thank you.
Hi Tiaan,

Here's what you can do. Add a container to the screen with a link to the screen you want to popup and the popup editor web block. This container should be set with Display = false so that you don't see the link in the page. Then set an action for the OnChange event of the checkbox. In this action use the Widget_Click action from RichWidgets (you'll need to add this reference as it isn't there by default). This action receives as an input the id of the link you wish to trigger. This will popup your window...

If this description is not clear check the attach sample :)