BPM : Activity Ready with Close Date

Hi All,

I have detected a strange behaviour in my BPM, for a process i have 2 activities with status "Ready". On of them has Close Date the other dont.
Any ideias about this behaviour? Solutions and explanation for the cause?

Thank you.

Carlos Rodrigues
Assuming you don't have an action manually setting the date, have you changed the process between the creation of those two? Or was any human action over them?
Hi Nuno,

I don't have any manual action to set the date, and the process was not changed, neither was any human action over them. I perform a single Close Activity action and the behaviour occours.


Hi Carlos,
Can you provide a screenshot of the process that shows us the two activities that are being set as ready? Are the two activities sequential?

Hi Miguel,

Please see the attach with the screenshots:
1. Activities Ready on processo monitor
2. Activities flow- not sequential



To properly analyze this it is important to see the whole process flow. Can you obfuscate the process and upload a screen shot?
Hi André,

Here´s the screenshot.

Hi Carlos,

Sorry for the late answer.
Effectively I don't see anything in the flow that would create parallel flows thus duplicating the activities. You shoud submit this to support@outsystems.com so that they can follow up on this one.