jQuery expression on webblock not created and executed

jQuery expression on webblock not created and executed

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On a webblock I have an expression (with jQeury commands) to click a button on this webblock ... don't ask me why :-) The webblock is made visible by an ajax submit on the containing form and the IF around the webblock changes so the webblock is made available. However .... the jQuery expression is not generated NOR executed.

Any idea / reason for this behaviour ?
Hi Joop,

Here goes the obvious question: did you check the console, in the browser developer's tools, to see if any errors appear when the IF is refreshed? Main reason for that type of behavior is usually something wrong with the JS/JQuery.

After the refresh can you find the JQuery you wrote in the generated HTML?

Hermínio Mira
Yep I did check the console, no errors.
No I can't find the jQuery expression ...

And the script itself works fine if I put it on a normal screen without AJAX refresh.

do you use the java stack or the .net stack?
is it in multiple stacked webblocks?
can you provide a simple oml where the issue occurs?

Sample OML, sorry customer does not allow me to post it ...
.NET stack, not stacked, just a webblock in a screen.