Reference another Application

I have decided to create an application(lets call it AppTemplate) that only contain a Web Block (The Header/Navigation Menu as well as Footer) along with needed CSS code. Therefore its like a template for several applications.

I referenced AppTemplate's WebBlock and CSS Style to let say AppWorkbook.

When I go visit AppWorkbook, it direct me to AppTemplate's Login Page

However if I am already logged in, it stays at AppWorkbook Web Screens

The question is, if I am not logged in how can I be directed to AppWorkbook's login page instead of the AppTemplate's login page but still using the AppTemplate's WebBlock as the Header/Footer


Hi David,
It's definitely possible to achieve, what you need to do in AppWorkbook it's to implement your error handling flow in that e-Space to redirect AppWorkbook's login page.

In your AppWorkbook's create e new style where the base default theme is the AppTemplate but you change the setting for the error handling flow (please see image attached).

Hope it helps you!

Best Regards,
Daniel Martins