List_SortColumn widget not creating link

List_SortColumn widget not creating link


Im trying to build sort functionality into a record table. I have worked through the tutorials and understand what i must do. My problem is that i placed the widget next to a label in the table header and it doesnt not create the link as expected. This is a mobile application.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

Hi Arno,

Do you see any javascript errors on the browser's developer tools?
i get the following error :

TypeError: $(...).on is not a function
...('body').on('click', '.Responsive .TableRecords td:first-child',function(event) 

Looks like a problem with the jQuery version. 
Select the eSpace on the eSapce tree. Then on the properties box you have a property name jQuery version. Check to see if it using 1.4.2. OS or 1.8.3. Try to switch to 1.8.3 to see if it works.
Thank you Andre

That worked