Logout in London when using Responsive

I am using the London Responsive theme,
the Logout Link does not appear when the application runs on a mobile device.
Do I have to a create a Logout button or Menu Item, only to be shown on mobile devices?
Fixed by adding this to the Application's Theme

.Responsive .Login_Info_Logout {
position: static;

Is there anything wrong with this?
Hi Charles,

The only problem there is usability, as users might click on the logout instead of the menu. By default the logout icon should appear in the bottom right corner when the menu is expanded:

Tiago Simões
It's not working in, Tiago (no logout button in mobile).

Also not working in

Are you using the CSS generated by the Customize feature in the London documentaion - aka theme generator? If yes, we found that we were missing a style and that causes the logout button, pointed by Tiago, not to be visible when on tablet or smartphone. 

A new version of the Customize feature will be made available with that fix, in the meantime you can add the following CSS to your theme (change the #FFFFFF color to the one you're using like the link colors):

@media screen and (max-width: 1023px) { 
    .Responsive .Login_Info_Logout:before {
         color:  #FFFFFF;
Thanks Tiago, for pointing out the usability issue. 
Hi Marco,
Yes, I am using the Theme generator, the fix you provided is working
Just tested and it works fine without the theme generator.
Thanks guys & looking forward to the next version :)
Spot on, Marco! We were indeed using London Customize. That solved it.