BMM Tool assign Human Activity to logged in user

BMM Tool assign Human Activity to logged in user

Im starting to use the BPM tool. Im trying to assign Human Activity to a certain logged in user. Can this be done , and how do i do this?
In the User property of the Human Activity item you can use the expression editor to set it to this:
where <username> is the User who should be assigned to the activity. 
Hi Curt

Thanks for the quick response. How do i pass in a parameter to the process.

This is the scenario.

I have a user inbox. Job are sent to the backend via webservice. As soon as the record is created for the inbox , i would like to notify the specified user that he has a new job.

Based on what you said you have a process that adds a record to a table which is used as an inbox for a user.  When you add this record you want to notify that user using the Human Activity function.  The inbox table obviously has to have a UserID field so you know which user the record is for so your process already knows the UserID when it adds the record.  Just add the Human Activity function to your process and set User to the variable that contains the UserID.  It should be very simple unless I'm misunderstanding something.
Thank you very much Curt. It is working.