The Charts eSpace, introduced in the v8 is based on Highcharts plugin.
In Highcharts we can print or export each chart, using a context menu at the top right of the chart (see attachment).

Is this possible with the Outsystems implementation of Highcharts? Or it lacks any of the needed scripts to do this?
If this is not possible, will it be included in the near future?

I think this could be a great improvement for the Charts component, since many customers ask to export the charts to images or pdf.
Hello Carlos,

you can use the feature but you need to add HighCharts javascript (export.js) that enables it.

Find an example attached.

Why not include it with the Charts eSpace?

I think it's not only me that would appreciate this feature.
Can't say you're not correct Carlos. I'm not aware of a racional behind not include it, but already investigating on it.
It's possible to translate the plugin highcharts to portuguese ? Example : Download JPG Imagem to Baixar Imagem JPG
Hi Carlos.

I got this code to work on Charts shown on Individual Web Screens. However, the charts I am using appear in pop up windows. However, I get a message, saying "Navigaton to the Webpage was cancelled". Please retype the address. Any ideas?

Turns out, it was just clicking "No", to do you want to view these securely.

However, if I have 2 charts on 1 screen, I can only view the charts as an image one by one. Is there a way of putting 2 charts in 1 image?