Outsystems platform 9.0: launch date

Anyone know when 9.0 will be released?
Have you checked NextStep agenda Robert?

Pedro There is a preview of outsystems 9.0 but no release date this year?
I know as much as you do Robert, honestly. I love surprises :)
Normally I would be playing with outsystems 9.0 beta by now, this year... No one knows anything :)
Indeed Robert but it's awesome!

Second Christmas of the year! :) At least for me!
The bigger the secret, the bigger the surprise?

I'm not anxious for 9. Mostly because I don't feel the Agile Platform needs to get better at something right away.
It was also true in previous versions (and here I agree with the expression "you don't miss it, until you had it" because I work simultaneously with 6, 7 and 8) but now I feel I yet have too much to explore. Any change big enough to deserve a new number will be disruptive.

When it comes, it will be welcomed. If it is in one week, it's fine. It it is after summer, it's fine anyway.
Let's see what comes out :)