OutSystems Platform personal environment hitting the news!

Hi all!

In just a few months of existence the personal environment has empowered thousands of developers to create their web and mobile applications and here at OutSystems we are completely blown away by the usage and creativity we are seeing. Who would guess there are so many people lost/looking for a "free cloud OutSystems Platform"? :)

After much learning (from seeing how people use their personal environments) and behind-the-scene improvements the personal environment is now ready to welcome the world of developers that have yet to experience OutSystems Platform!

To make sure that the next batch of OutSystems developers start off with the right foot we released a new Platform page UX that we believe will contribute to a more successful exploration of the platform! Check it out, kick the tires and tell us if you like it.

Looking forward to hear from you and discover what amazing applications you are about to build! :)

I took a very quick look.  Very well done!!  Obviously you leveraged a lot of what was already there.  There is one issue that I would mention.  One of the functions is 'Manage Apps'.  The problem with that is that almost all the management functionality in the Personal Edition is not available.  While the screen shots it does show gives you something, it doesn't seem like something you would highlight trying to get new developers 'on board' since it isn't usable.  Perhaps an enterprise environment could be created with read-only access could be created to give a more 'live' demonstration of these capabilities.  I know showing potential clients the DevOps capabilities would help me promote the platform.
Then our sales engineers would have nothing to do Curt! ;-)

All joking aside, that's a great point. I went looking for a good video you could use as a proxy and I couldn't find one... maybe I can get one of our guys to record a screen cast or something. It's something you can do with our Enterprise Trials, but that requires you to get connected with us so we can provision an account.

Thanks for pointing that out, it looks like something we could definitely work on.
Sooooo it was pointed out to me that we have a great DevOps video already recorded.

On the "How It Works" Page.

Under the heading "Automating DevOps".

heavy sigh.

In my defense, my left brain went to the "Resources" page and looked for a link for something called "DevOps"... Give me hiearchies and menu trees! I want my Windows 95 back!

The point is that for anyone who wants to evangelize our products, sitting down and taking them through the "How it works" page is a great way to hit on the high points of the platform without feeling like a sales guy (not that there's anything wrong with sales guys)(maybe I should quit while I'm just a little behind).

I got a chance to view the short but good video except that it only shows a single feature, deploying a new version of an application.  While this is a very important feature I was trying to get a view of all (or almost all) the functionality in Service Center by going through each of the main menu items - Factory, Monitoring, Administration and Analytics - and in turn the sub menus.  The reason I want a video of these features is because this is one of the places where Outsystems really shines and one of the more challenging areas that potential clients never consider until they see it.  If I could demo it myself it wouldn't be an issue but as I mentioned before, most of the features are not available in the Personal Edition.

Thanks for the help!
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Thanks for your replies! I'll throw it around to see if they stick. ;)