Personal environments issues - Friday May 30th

Hello Community!
The service that supports your personal environments has run into some infrastructure hiccups, affecting a small percentage of the community. We have a team of our smartest on it.  The root cause has been identified and remediation is rapidly underway. We expect to be back at 100% in the next hour or two.  We very much appreciate your patience during this process and your overwhelming support for OutSystems. After resolution there will be a relatively intense team meeting to ensure nothing like this happens again ;)

The OutSystems Success Team
Hello Community,

Our team has addressed all issues with todays service outage. All personal environments should be fully operational now. Please enjoy your weekend, hopefully developing some apps!
If you were affected by this hiccup, please accept our sincere apologies. We have put quite a few curbs and safety nets to ensure fluid operation going forward.

Best regards,
The OutSystems Success Team