How to implement hidden inputs?

In a form, I like to have hidden inputs.  But if I set Visible to False for an input, the input field gets removed from the form.
In the input extended properties set style to "{display:none;}".
As an option define a new CSS class with the same content and apply it to the input using the Style property. 



The real question is what are you trying to accomplish with these hidden inputs?  If you are trying to pass information between web screens (an educated guess) just use output parameters from one web screen linked to input parameters on the next screen.  If my guess is wrong, elaborate on what the goal is and I'm sure someone can tell you how to accomplish it.

Hope this helps.
Thanks, Tiago.  It works!

To answer Curt's question, during editing a record, I want to prevent changes to some fields (for example the fields used as a key), but the values of these fields still need to be sent back along with values of other fields upon the form submision.
Shipping Zhang,

The easiest way to do it is to wrap the input in a container and set the display property to false. No need for fancy javascript and css ;)

Thanks, Andre.