Is there a way to insert HTML codes in a page?

Is there a way to insert HTML codes in a page?

For example, I like to have the following html code in a page to show a button which lets users to go back to the previous page when clicked.

<button onClick="window.history.back();">Back</button>

BTW, how to implement such a button?  Seems I can't implement the ok button to have such function.  I don't see a previous page in the destination list. Pointing this button to a specific page is not a solution because many pages have a link to this page.

Hi Shiping and welcome to the OutsyStems community.

Have you tried to look into the Service Studio help?

I believe what you're trying to achieve could be done using a button extendend properties list to implement the 'onclick'

You can achieve it by using an External Site (right-click a Web Flow) and setting its URL to javascript:history.back();.

Then, create a Button and set the external site as its Destination. Also, don't forget to change the Method to Navigate, or it won't work.


Paulo's answer is a great choice.

Another trick I use like this is to set it to javascript:void(0) if I want the button to do nothing because I've hooked it with jQuery's .click() for a special purpose.

Thanks all for your help.