How can I assign a HumanActivity to another user?
In the User property for the Human Activity, just use the following.
Change <username> to the user name of the person that should be assigned to the activity.

That the way to set a user initialy, but how can I change the user? I think i have to use the BPT_API extension, there is a action HumanActivity_AssignToUser with the parameters is HumanActivityId and UserId

  • How can i get the active HumanActivity for a process (via system Process and Activity entities?) and
  • If I assign the HumanActivity to a new user, will the previous one be closed?
Kind regards,

Matthias Preuter

I haven't progressed further in using the Human Activity functions so unfortunately I have no additional help for you but I believe you are correct that you have to dig into the BPT_API.