outdoc problem

i get this error anytime i want to generate documentation for my espace 
"The ardoJSONDemo eSpace was saved in an unsupported newer version. Please update the OutDoc solution"
my outdoc was update with service studio versio
Hi Tmlewin,

Were you able to sort this out?
You mention updating OutDoc with Service Studio but the latest one available is :)

Sorry my mistake , I meant No I am yet to resolve it.thanks
Can you try with OutDoc version

On the changelog it mentions added support for 8.0.1 eSpaces.
The espacemetamodel failed to upload.i had to upload the 7.0 extension instead.after that I setup the outdoc.oml.but after publish it still rreturning tge same old error message. Thanks
The espacemetamodel extension from version 7.0 cannot read 8.0+ eSpaces, so that's where your error is coming from.

I have tried publishing OutDoc in one of our systems and had no problem. What kind of error are you having while publishing the espacemetamodel extension?