Service Studion not responding on design screen

Service Studion not responding on design screen


Im currently experiencing a problem with service studio. Everything in Service Studio works as expected except the design screen for the interfaces. When i double click on the interface it is not loading instantly. In fact some screen load , but after 2-3 minutes and other screens just doesnt load. This installation is on a new laptop and have been working fine for the last 3 weeks , but started giving this problem yesterday. Attached is a screen shot.

Please help as this issue is preventing me from developing and i have deadlines.


Hi there. I had similar problems on particular screens on version 8.0.1. I believe it has to do with rendering related to css. Have you added any particular css or css3 elements lately?
Hi Pedro

I havent made any changes and this occurs on all the screen. What i have come to notice is that if you leave it on that screen for a couple of minutes , it display the screen's contents. But this is not desirable because i toggle between different screens all the time and this will take me ages.

Hi Arno,

I too faced the same problem, Service Studio would delay loading for the the design screen Interface but only for a particular espace.
Could you try to check if you face this problem for other e-spaces?

In my case, the problem was caused because we were using a google font in the css.
Hi Charles

This is happening in all the espaces.

I recommend  opening a support case with OutSystems.
i am also having the same issue.service studio is can see my issue here  
Hello all,

I solved this issue cleaning the temporary files from the computer.