Error publishing to front-end server

Error publishing to front-end server


I currently have two servers. The one was the original dev server(server1). The other server is a new server that i want to make part of the farm(Server2). I have pointed Server2 to Server 1 and they can see each other as i can login into servicecenter on server2 and view all the espaces that are currently on Server1. I have set up a zone on server1 called FastMobile and added server2 to this zone. The idea behind this is that the FastMobile espace resides on server2 and not on server1 , but access the same database and references espaces on server1. However , whenerever i publish to server1(which i understand is the controller server and should push the espace to server2) i get the following error :

Error broadcasting message to Front-end Server devfastmobosn ( No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it

I have disabled the firewalls on both servers.

Any help would be appreciated.


Hello Arno,

The problem in that case is specifically that the OutSystems Deployment Service is not running on Can you check the status of this service?

If there are any errors while starting it, they should appear on the Windows Event Viewer Logs. This will give you a hint as to what you can do to fix the problem.

If you require further assistance for this issue, I would suggest contacting us at OutSystems Support.

Best regards,
Ricardo Silva