I need to develop some reports in PDF. I am using HTMLToPdf to do this but It doesn't work, It just print the message "Loading", i am using GetURL() to get the page address.
Is there any component that can help me, I can't find, or is there any other way that you can sugest?

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You have a demo available here:


Hope it helps you.

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Daniel Martins
Hi Daniel,

I have the same need of the Edson, and installed the ChartToPDF demo in my outsystems cloud, after install  HtmlToPDF application from forge. The ChartoPdf does not works. The pdf file comes with 0 bytes. Reading somes post discussions, a topic said that this applications does not works in a ousystems cloud environment. Then I installed HtmlToPdf in my development environment, and put the same CharttoPdf instructions in my application. The result was the same, 0 bit pdf file. Some suggest to solve this?

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Do you have any error being thrown?

Usually HtmlToPdf problems are related it Registered WebPages, it's your page set as Anonymous?
Are you able to get the pdf of other regular pages (without the Charts?).

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Daniel Martins
Hi Daniel,

There is no error registered in the screen log of the Service Center. The page is not set as Anonymous and I can print browser pages using pdf, choosing the pdf print instead a printer. In another post I read that the HtmlToPdf require somes dlls to be installed. But I think that as I installed correctly from forge, these dlls have been installed, correct?

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DLL's should not be a problem, if the extension was published sucessfuly.
Try to set the Webscreen as Anonymous.
Hi Daniel,

I see that my installation does not had the File System Component, required by HtmlToPdf module. I installed this component, and now all HtmlToPDF references are OK. I set my screen to anonymous, but it does not works, Still error of 0 byte file.

Hi Roberto,

Html2PdfConverter has a new version available:


Try to post in the Component Discussion, for more help:

At this moment i'm not working with this component and i never tried this component on the cloud. Probably there are some issues with it.