Easiest way to create a double array?

I am not sure that arrays are supported in OutSystems or implemented instead through DB functionality, but let me ask this anyway.
We need to provide the user with a table editor where he can edit a double array such as this:
                 |   X           |         Y         |          Z       |
        A      |       1        |          2        |          3       |
       B      |       4        |          5         |          6       |

It would be nice to store this in a double array and access it as array[2][3] for instance.
But how can we do that?  Or is there another way to do it?
arrays are sadly not supported(*).

I am assuming that you do not know upfront what the size of your double-array will be..

a single array is roughly the same as a list especially since you can access elements directly with the following pseudo-code:  List[23].Record instead of List.Current.Record

a double array is possible in the same way only you will use a recordlist with a record that contains a recordlist.
so what you want to achieve is possible, but it will take some workarounds.

That said, you may want to think of taking advantage of jquery and json-arrays. so you solve the issue on the client side, post the result back to the server and convert it.

Thanks - isn't there an extension offering the double array or triple array functionality?
In fact I have a situation where I do not know in advance how many dimensions my array is going to have.
It could be A[x1][x2]...[xn].
How can this be done in the easiest way?