So who's got details on NextStep?

So who's got details on NextStep?

For those of us that could not attend. Can you please give us some details?
Quick version: You missed a great event.

Long version:
I missed the Barcamp but I've seen a lot of content here in the forum so I'm planning to do some exploring about it.
The first afternoon was like in previous years. It had a big delay, but went smooth and the subject of the sessions was interesting.
The second day was crazy. I kept running between rooms (only once I stayed for a consecutive session) and had a mixed feeling. Some sessions it was only propaganda of what the platform already could do and everyone knows, others about what it will do in a few months when version 9 comes out. Between those two types, a few of them where just crazy examples of a platform use that no one will ever dare to try at home, but is good to know that it is possible to do.
The schedule of the second day was incredibly strict and most of the speakers respected their given time. For the spectators the run between sessions was stressful. The organization sugested "more time between sessions", I'd add "more time for each session" because the superficial passage on many subjects was desappointing.
Hi guys. Great event, cant wait for the videos to be online to check somes sessions I didnt attend and review some that I did. As a developer I was expecting 2 things: to get info on the upcoming version 9, and learn some tips and tricks on the platform. The first was fully achieved but the second not so much. I have attended some sessions describing success stories with the platform, but those ended up being more about the particular implemented solution rather than having any outsystems specific content.

When the videos come up, be sure to check the top 5 awarded presentations, to which I would add the "Lessons learned from 100,000 mobile users" (great talk with very useful tips) and "killer robots", very funny.

Best regards, 
Pedro Vieira
Pedro -

Glad you liked my talk!

The discussion on the new data manipulation stuff is "must see". I did not get a chance to look at the REST talk, but I wish I had. Just looking at the things people said about it on Twitter, I knew it would take top spot in the voting.

Were the sessions recorded? Where are they posted?
The sessions were recorded and the videos are probably being processed... I don't know yet when they'll be made public, but I'm also waiting for them since there were a lot of sessions I couldn't attend due to my poor omnipresence skills.
Most of the session slides are already up. The videos are currently in production and will be added shortly.

Thanks to those that attended. For those that couldn't, we hope you enjoy the replay!