Development Environment ?

Development Environment ?

The "Development Environment" was recently added to the Network Downloads.
I've tried it and installed both Service Studio and Integration Studio on a new folder.

Will Service Studio and Integration Studio distributed from now on a single setup?
Since this creates a new program entry on Windows and I'm already using SS an IS 8.0.1, I should uninstall them first?
Or this is for something else like the Personal Environments?

I think the answer is yes for a unified install, but I am not an official answer for this- maybe one of our Product Management guys will jump in. Going forward you shouldn't have to run an uninstaller first, I think this was just a result of our simplification making things more complicated.
Hi Carlos-

The desktop applications of OutSystems Platform will be distributed as a unified quick and clean install going forward.

As Justin mentioned here, since we are installing in a new location, if you have shortcuts on your desktop, you will want to remove them first. You can uninstall your current desktop apps first to avoid this problem altogether.

This is a universal change to make the install quick and easy going forward, regardless of whether you are connecting to your enterprise subcription environment or your personal one.

I hope that clears it up, please let me know if not!

Thanks :)