How to make dropdown list style which show hour and minutes

How to make dropdown list style which show hour and minutes

Hi there,

I am wondering if you guys could tell me how to make time dropdown list.
What I exactly want to do is that I would like show hour dropdown and minutes dropdown or hour + minutes in the one dropdown list.

If hour + minutes dropdown list, I made on the Exel,


And then I made new entities called "TIme" and import time. 
Then I put one webscreen and put Edit Record in it. 
However I do not know exactly how to show the method of time. It seems that time shows correctly, however it shows second at a sametime which is unessary stuff. 
My problem is I know somehow show the only time, but I do not know exactlly right way. 

My senario and purpose of using this instead of manually type in style, it is much easyer to select by user and I do want show unessesary part of every minutes and seconds. I just want to show every 15min in 24 hours and calendar list. 



Hello Daisuke,

Can you explain the data type of the attribute of your entity where you saved the "time" value?

Pedro Cardoso
The Data type we set for the time attirbutes int eh time table is 'Time', we created and imported an excel sheet with '00:00' values incrementing by 15  mins for the 24 hour clock.
Here are the basic rules for this.
  1. To fill the dropdown you need a RecordList.
  2. You can't create a RecordList directly from types, only from entites.
  3. To create an Entity of type Time you should use an Id (because Time is decimal and can't be used as id).
  4. The dropdown will return an Id that you must convert to Time using the same table, to later save time value.

So, you created an entity like this and filled it with Excel.

In your page, you'll need two variables: TimeId (to associate to dropdown, and a Record List with the initial list of values)

The DropDown will be like this ( I used an OnChange action, it can be on the Form Submit action)

Your action will have a mandatory GetTimeById query to convert Integer to Time.

And the value will be in GetTimeById.List.Current.MyTime.Time. You can save it to DB, or do whatever you need.
Thank you guys! 

I still did not have time to check it up, and so I could not still complete.
But I will try to do it.