[Dropbox Integration] Excel to Record List through DropBox

[Dropbox Integration] Excel to Record List through DropBox

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Published on 2013-01-09 by Hugo Catarino
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Published on 2013-01-09 by Hugo Catarino
Hi Guys,

I'm tring to connect an "ExcelToRecordList" with a spreadshet inside my dropbox folder. Usually in the field "File Content" i select the upload widget but this time I can't. Considering also that I would like to insert the upload which I'm working with in the "Process-> Automatic Activity"

Does anyone have a suggestion?


Done!!! I used the "CallDownloadFile" function!


Hi Guys,

Another question today!

I would like to ask you if there is a way to recognize a change in a dropbox folder and use it like a trigger in Outsystem to execute a process.

On my case I would like to update a table using a file inside DropBox.

The part that I'm missing is how to instruct Outsystem to execute the process when anything happen....

There is you anyone able to help me? 

Many thanks!!

You can set a timer to check the folder every x minutes and store the info that you need to check changes and when a change hapens then you can call an action for your update.
if you want to start a Process(BPT) my sugestion is that you store the result of the timer get on a entity and use the trigger launch on update of that entity. You can create a record on that entity for each file on the folder and mantai that entity actualized with the timer. when a last modified field is changend on any of thet recors the Process wil be launched instantly.
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Hi Hugo thanks for the reply!

I have created on DropBox the three following folders:

Folder 1 Update. With the files .xls that I'm using to update my entities
Folder 2 Trigger. A file named: UR.txt
Folder 3 Container. A file named: UR.txt

When the timer execute the process:

[IF] in the folder "Trigger" the file UR.txt is NOT present:
- Open the folder "Update" download the file, import the records and refresh all my table, (it take a while).
- Copy the file from the folder "Container" to the folder "Trigger"

[IF] in the folder "Trigger" the file UR.txt is present:
- Than the process end.

Basically the user eliminating a file in a shared folder, "Trigger", give the green flag for the execute the process.

The problem is that I can do the check in the folders every 15 minutes (if I set up a lot of timers during the whole day). In the end the reaction of the systems is pretty slow, considering that in the worst case once that the user have deleted the file to execute the update, he have to wait for 15 minutes.

There is any way to go down to 5? Or create something even more reactive?

On your suggestion you create a table and when the table has a new record, or a record has been updated than you execute the process.

In the end, I think that the reaction cannot go under the 15 minutes, Am I wrong?

Last question: to execute the check every 15 min the only alternative is set up plenty of timers, or there is something quicker, like execute action every 00:15:00 ?

Many Thanks 


For the use case that you describe you only need one timer runing every 5 min, cheking the folder trigger. 
If you go to Service center (<you server url>/servicecenter )---> factory---> Espaces ---->your espace ---> Tab timers, there you can find the schedule for your timer and you can set there a minimum time of 5 minutes between runs. 
Thanks Hugo