Hide button in Tablet and Mobile browsers

Hide button in Tablet and Mobile browsers

I have a eSpace using the London theme - in it I have a print button that I only want visible in a desktop browser... how can I hide the button for tablet and mobile?
Gary -

There are a couple of options. You can set its Visible property equal to "not IsMobileBrowser()" (I believe that comes from the RichWidgets eSpace). Alternatively you can put it in an If with the same condition. Or you can use CSS by assigning it a class, and have a media-specific or viewport width-specific definition of that class which hides it.

Thanks J.Ja
It worked!
Note for others visiting here - you may need to add the reference to IsMobileBrowser() action
Hi Gary,

Another solution (discussed in London theme documentation) is to use the pre-packaged CSS classes for that purpose, I think in your case you would need to add: HiddenInPortrait HiddenInSmartphone to the style property.