Problems with the GetRequest_Submit - HTTPRequestHandler

Problems with the GetRequest_Submit - HTTPRequestHandler

I am implementing access to an external web application (Microsoft Report Builder report) via Get from Outsystem application in which return an excel file which should return data in binary form.
Both our Outsystem as Microsoft Report Builder are installed on servers on our internal network do Grupo Marista).
However, when trying to return data, the process fails and falls into the exception and generating the error message below:

"The underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a send."

I wonder what might be causing this error, and in what situations it may occur.

Thank you,

Some things to keep in mind.
  1. The request is done from server to server, you should test it directly on the server. Remote desktop to OutSystems Platform server and try to open that url from there.
  2. Do you have any type of security on that URL? If you do you'll need to handle that in the context of the http request.
  3. What information are passing in the action arguments? Does it match the URL you tested in 1?
  4. Alternatively you can try the HttpBinaryGet from RichMail extension to see if it is a problem with this action in HTTPRequestHandler.
Thanks, HttpBinaryGet worked great! But ...

Our problem now is the authentication required by Microsoft Sql Server Report Services, ie, how do we pass username and password to authenticate to the local server where Report Services is installed.

The address has the following format:

By making the browser prompt, requesting username and password works, but using HttpBinaryGet component, the error message occurs:

"The remote server returned an error: (401) Unauthorized."

Therefore, try to pass username and password along with the URL, like this:

Occurs the following error message:

"Invalid URI: The URI scheme is not valid."

Help ! What can we do for this User and password are accepted by the local server Sql Server Report Services?

Hi, André,

We did a content analysis of the above posts suggested, but its contents do not help to solve our problem, and the demo application shown on the second post does not use windows authentication in Microsoft Report server.

If you or someone can help us otherwise, would be of great value because we really need a solution urgently to enable us to return a binary file from a Microsoft Excel Report Builder report authenticating the same when accessing it.

Hi Angelo,

Then I guess you should build an extension using Integration Studio. There you can control the HTTP Request and set credentials for it and then return the binary content of the request.

Well, as I do not have much practice with NET or Java development, I leave the post open for whoever wants to show me someone who has already developed a solution to this situation.

Many thanks for the help so far,