Clone of Users eSpace fails to Publish

I'm experimenting with something I need to do relating to how users are managed within the system so I cloned the Users eSpace and attempted to publish it without making any changes.  I get the following error.

Licensing Error - Your server license does not allow using Integrated Authorization.  Please do not use it or contact Outsystems for a license upgrade,

Two things are confusing.  The first is that this is a clone of an eSpace that has been successfully published so why would publishing fail?  The second is that the site properties related to this (UseIntegratedAuthenticationLogin, UseActiveDirectoryLogin and UseLDAPLogin) are all false.  Why does the system think I'm using Integrated Authentication?

Any help is appreciated.
Hi Curt,

This is probably triggered by a flow or a screen using the integrated authentication, not because of the site properties...
Thanks.  In the Common Flow there is a web screen called IntegratedAuthentication that has the value set to yes.  Turning that off fixed the problem.