Working with the 'Desktop', 'Tablet', and 'Mobile' eSpace Views

Working with the 'Desktop', 'Tablet', and 'Mobile' eSpace Views

All I could find that allows me to detect a difference between mobile, desktop, and tablet views are the following container styles...

a.      ShowOnlyInSmartphone
b.      HiddenInSmartphone
c.       HiddenInPortrait
d.      HiddenInDesktop

I use them to streamline lists and hide controls when in the mobile view. Are there any more options anywhere? Is there a way to detect and act upon these different views within a screen Action?
Hi Daryl,

Why do you need to determine that on a screen action? You can probably look into the User Agent (I think there's an action for that on HTTPRequestHandler), but again what is the use case here?