Duplicating An Application?

Duplicating An Application?

We basically created an application for a customer. Let say I wanted to use the same application for another customer but still keep the existing one. I know I can't simply copy the eSpace and republish it on another name. It will simply overwrite the other one.

How do you usually do it?
Hi JC,

You have two options based on what you described. Looks like you are really building a multi-tenant application, you have the exact same code (minor some settings you can adjust via site properties) and you want different customers to use it keeping their data separated. This is the scenario of a multi-tenant application. I encourage you to search for more information on how to transform your application into a multi-tenant application. You have this help topic discussing it:  The second option, in case you really need to implement different use cases for these customers is to clone your eSpace modules. By cloning you keep the exact same code with a new name and a new module identification so you don't smash the existing one. If you have multiple modules you probably will need to do this for all of those and then fix the references between them.

I hope this helps you.
Thanks for the reply Andre.

I am actually in to the second option. It's like buidling a baseline application, and then depending on different customer use cases, build on top of the baseline app. The next question is, how is the cloning done?
There's a menu option for that on the eSpace menu...
Thanks for the tip! I didn't realize that functionality was there.