I've been looking for a way to make a input for date that would show the calendar but I've found nothing I could use. Is there a fast way to make this kind of inputs? The point is allowing the user to select two dates (start and end) so the query is made by that values.
In Rich Widgets there's an Input_Calendar to pick dates. You just need to give it the id of the input widget that contains the variable.
Thanks : ) That solved my problem. I though I had to found any plugin or something. I was about to try to use jqueryui to make it xD

Is there a way to specify a date range?  I want to use Input_calendar widget for entering date of birth for a credit card applicant.  As the Applicant must be 18 or over there's currently no need to show dates after 1996 - is there a way to do this?
The RichWidgets\Input_Calendar has the MinYear and the MaxYear property. "The calendar will only display the years in the range [MinYear, MaxYear]".
I looked for some properties like this but couldn't find any.  I've now tried specifying MinYear & MaxYear as Extended properties however that doesn't do anything.  Are you able to post a screenshot so I can see what I'm doing wrong?
Here you have. The description for both parameters is "The calendar will only display the years in the range [MinYear, MaxYear]". Hope it helps.