I have fields that are common in files

I have fields that are common in files

I have fields that are common in different files and would like to enter the information once and pre-fill the other fields in the other files.  How is this handled?
We need to take a few steps back and look at what you are actually trying to do.  I have to assume that when you say 'files' you actually mean 'entities' (Outsystems term for database tables).  Good database design. regardless of platform, requires you to remove as much duplicate data as possible by linking tables, a process called normalization.

So lets assume you had an entity with street addresses and an entity attribute for the state, a text field.  If you had 100 records with a value of 'New York' you would be repeating that data 100 times.  It is much better to create another entity with all the states and create a link between the address entity and the state entity.

Once the database is normalized it is easy to do lookups into those entites to prefill anything you need to. (I can provide more detail once I understand your application a little more.)

If I interpreted your question correctly hopefully this will get you to look at the database design with this information in mind.  If I was wrong, try and provide some more information and/or your OML file and I'm sure you can get more help.

Thank you for your response, The information I need in the different entities is the customer number and date.  It happens to be an application that asks questions and I build a report on the responses.  Each client gets a seperate report from the questions answered.  I have a client file, a question file, and the completed question file.  The client file will have a client record added to it's entity, the question file will only be viewed, and the completed question file will be built adding each question answered. 
Ok, the easy part is the date.  In the entity attribute you'll see a Default Value property.  Set ths to CurrDate() and when a completed question is added the date will be set automatically.

Instead of setting the client number you want an attribute of ClientID which has a type of Client Identifier.  Then you want to set the ClientID value based on the client answering the questions.  There are a number of ways of doing this.  I can't really make a recommendation until I know how you are identifying these clients.  Are they using the Outsystems login?  Is there some other way you are identifying clients?
What the application is that I have a client file that I will enter the new client when I visit their office.  Then I will use this information when I open the question entity and try to create a new entity with the answers.  From this new entity I will create my report from.
you could check this component see if you can extract any ideas that might be of help http://www.outsystems.com/forge/component/44/inquiries-surveys-and-appraisals/