ISAPI Filter and Internal Newtwork Configuration

ISAPI Filter and Internal Newtwork Configuration


I installed the ISAPI Filter on my Production Server (Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard SP1), so i can use the power of the SEO Friendly URLs, following the "TECHNICAL NOTE" document.

At same time i have a range of IP Adresses configured on the Internal Network restriction on the Configuration Tool 8.0.

The ISAPI Filter only works when i clean my internal Network restriction.

Any sugestion that can marry both of this configurations?

Pedro Lima
Hi Pedro

The SEO ISAPI Filter has no direct correlation to the Internal Network settings of the configuration tool, however, it does connect to Service Center via the URL to get the rule list. This means that you should add the IP in your Internal Network's setting in the configuration tool.

Hope this helps.


Miguel João
Hey Miguel,

Thanks but i alredy have that ip in my internal network settings, still nothing.

Pedro Lima
Well, if that's not the problem, then we need to get back to basics.

If you have access to the server running the OutSystems Platform, do the following:

1. Set the internal network on your configuration tool
2. Reset the IIS (iisreset command)
3. Activate the SEO Verbose logging mode, by editing the <PlatformInstallDir>\logs\OsISAPIConf.cache file, and change the file content to Verbose (this procedure is documented on SEO Friendly URLs technote, section 4.2 and 4.2.1)
4. Replicate the problem of 'SEO not working'
5. Collect the log file (<PlatformInstallDir>\logs\OsISAPI.log), check for errors.
6. Also, check if the event viewer Applition log has any OSISAPI information and error messages.

Ther's also the possibility of being a problem with the rules. What site redirect rules do you have in place?


Ok its working, thanks Miguel.

What i did, if someone have the same issue, was:

1. Check the internal network on the configuration tool.
2. Activate the SEO Verbose logging mode changing the OsISAPIConf.cache file content to Verbose. (Open notepad with admin mode)
3. Stop and Start Outsystems Services.
4. Restart IIS. (iisreset command with admin mode)

SEO Friendly URLs - Page Rules ready.

Pedro Lima
Hi Pedro

I'm guessing that the key factor here was the IIS reset, since the Internal Network configuration needs to be reload by the applications (in particular Service Center) to be effective.

Glad you've overcomed the problem.