How to develop against Lifetime in DEV?

How to develop against Lifetime in DEV?

Here is a problem:

The Lifetime SDK and eSpace are only supposed to be installed in PROD.

But I develop in DEV.

How can I make references to the LifetimeSDK or LifetimeMonitoring eSpaces in DEV? Is it safe to install the LifetimeSDK application in a non-Production environment?


Hi Justin,

Check this post:

I hope it helps! 

Thanks! Just what I needed! May I suggest tagging that post with "Lifetime API" as well? That was what I have been searching for, and didn't find it.

I really should!
But I have to talk with Davide first because the "edit" option is not available anymore.

DAVIDEEEE...! help me out here!

Thanks Justin!
A long, long time ago, someone installed Lifetime into our DEV environment. It has been disabled and removed, but the Lifetime SDK system is not allowing us to install it to DEV.

What do we need to do in our DEV environment to allow this to install?

Hi Justin,

We are just checking if the LifeTime app exists on the environment, to avoid the installation on a productive environment. 
The problem here is that we don't delete the data from the database, the entry for the application is only inactive. 

 You can solve it (but you know I can't recomend this kind of stuff) by temporarily changing the LifeTime application key in Development.
Regards, Hélio