[Html2PdfConverter] Reusing the URL of a Link

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Published on 2018-10-30 by Guilherme Pereira
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Published on 2018-10-30 by Guilherme Pereira
This discussion is about a general OS issue. I'm posting here because I got into it with this component so someone who had the same problem may have some lights.

I understand the most common case of use to this Converter will be "Turn this screen into PDF". Unfortunately I have a case where a list of items has the options "open in browser"/"save to file" in each of them. So, it is not a straightforward "use current URL", but an "use that URL".

This must be really simple, but I can't see an easy way of reusing the URL built with Link, into the parameter of the Action.
-Should I build it manually? I have 6 parameters to write...
-Or maybe extract the href with javascript and inject it into the second link?
-Or create an extra parameter in the Show Page to automatically jump into the Download Page with just a minor change?

Any of them seems to work, but none seems right. What are your thoughts?
Hi there,

I had the same problem (in a different context): I needed to inject a link in a series title on a chart, using OS highcharts integration, which would basically refresh the current page with different data. I chose your option number 1. Option 3 did not applied to my case, but it actually sounds the best. Option number 2 is the only one I do not like. I always avoid javascript on OS pages, whenever possible. My moto is: the less technologies you mix the better.

I have no clue what the problem is.

with a recordlist, you just create a link and add the specific parameter (most likely the id)
Basically altering the list-page -> showpage intelliwarp to the page you actually want.

Statler & Waldorf and the amazing flappy tweedles! wrote:
I have no clue what the problem is.
I created a valid link on the record list, Statler. My problem is that for this component (and many other situations) I need a string.

I want to convert the OutSystems link, into a text URL. I end up doing the third option because it is the less error prone, but I would like to catch the URL from the link. If no suggestions came up, I'll just add that idea.