appmethod by Embarcadero Technologies

appmethod by Embarcadero Technologies

appmethod , a mobile app and desktop development solution has been launched by Embarcadero Technologies
a quick preview here.
It supports building native mobile and desktop applications using C++ or object pascal
I've given it a try and found it to be a quick solution to develop ios & android native apps quickly using a single codebase.

To me, the advantages it provides are
1) direct access to device sensors like location unlike a web application which uses the geolocation api
2) Single codebase for ios,android, desktop (win & mac)

1) Did anyone try this? If yes, then whats your verdict?
2) What is your opinion on:  native app vs responsive mobile app vs hybrid app (phonegap etc)
Hi Charles,

It looks promising, I'll take a look.

The main advantage of a responsive web mobile app is arguable the control it gives to the developer team. Upgrades are easier to control, you don't have to worry about different codebases, app store approvals, etc.

On the downside, as you mention, being able to use native features on the device is required sometimes. Here's when phonegap/etc comes to the rescue! You get the ability to use the camera, send notifications, etc. In a sense, you get the best of both worlds.

There are a few other things you may take into consideration, of course. An hybrid app still needs a connection to the server on most situations. Handling offline content is possible using HTML5, and this covers some scenarios, but not all.

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In the next days, another NextStep presentation will be available discussing offline content («Going Offline With HTML5»). Watch out for it here:
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Hi Paulo,
Thanks for the links :)

For anyone interested in the subject "Native vs Web vs Hybrid",
I found a nice ebook