Process based on entity action

I have two OutSystems applications in my system. Application1 (say App1) is the main UI application, the other (App2) is basically an administrative application to be used only inernally within a company.

Now, my requirement is that App2 needs to capture audit creation of new users in the system. Auditing is an internal functionality with its own set of entities. We do not want to bring in this dependency into App1 as App1 is expected to be independent.

To do this, I created a Process in App2 which launched on the Create User action and then added an Automatic Activity in the process to invoke the audit action.

Now, I am finding that when I create user in App1, the record is successfully inserted into the systen Create User action is invoked and the OSSYS_USERS table is populated. But the process in App2 does not get invoked.

Any input on this? Is there any restriction around processes if actions are executed in another application?

Hi Sathya,

There are no restrictions on using events in another applications. From what I see in the screenshots, what you did should work correctly.
I suggest contacting the OutSystems support if you don't manage to get it working.

João Rosado

I have the same issue with her. Is there any update if this have been resolved?