how to create actions for imported DLLs

how to create actions for imported DLLs

Hi all,

We are trying to embeded the aspose pdf functinonality into outsystems for that we imported the aspose pdf(for .net) dlls into outsytems.

But we are not aware of how to use aspose methods into outsystems,can any one here pls create one action in integration studio for any aspose functiononality(like preview the pdf,delete page,edit page,merge pdf),PFA aspose extention.

Hi Sudhakar,

I'll be a lot harder using the extension like you have set. The eaiest way is that you create actions the abstract the complexity of the implementation on the aspose DLL, e.g. MergePDF. For this action you receive (I assume) two PDF files so 2 input parameters of data type Binary Data and you output the merged PDF, so an output parameter of data type BInary Data as well. When you open this in VIsual Studio or Eclipse you can then reference the aspose DLL or JAR (don't know which one it is) and implement that functionality in that action.

I hope this sheds some light into your questions.
There's another thread in the forum - - that has some more information about how to do this.
thanks for your info Andre,Curt

We have delete functionality(Developed by you only @Andre),and getting following error,can you pls look into that 

Could not load file or assembly 'file:///d:\OutSystems\Platform Server\running\ASPOSE.01320750559\bin2\{7b6bbf67-6641-4c31-811c-1e351740c038}.DLL' or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified.
Although I find it weird that the error message shows a GUID as DLL name, it may be that you did not specify the Aspose DLL to be included in the extension?

Here's an example from our Aspose Cells extension:


As you can see, the Aspose.Cells.dll has its Deploy Action set to "Copy to Binaries directory".
Hi Sudhakar,

That is a platform bug that was already solved in

João Rosado
My task is to save our pdf file coming from our applcation and save in amazon .
I have use logic from aspose where i have implemented aspose pdf manager extension but still i can't able to get it  can anyone has a solution for this.I have attached my oml file for your reference.

Can anyone explain me how to solve this error.Please find the error in the attachemnet.



You need to go to the "Resources" tab of your Extension and include the bin directory that has your external libraries in it so the compile can occur.