Is it possible to to associate each tenant with new schema in oracle db or to map the outystem tenant with oracle tenant.
Hi Vasanth,

Its not possible to do that association using the Platform model. However, when dealing with external databases, this can be done by using the 'SetConnectionStringForSession' API, which was created to support multi-tenant scenarios over external databases. You can find more information on this API here.

Thanks Davide, Why is it required to pass in the 'connection string' in the action, as the 'connection name' in the service center is already configured with the 'connection string', does it uses existing pooled connection or creates a new connection everytime. 
Hi Vasanth,
As you know, External Database Connections let you use external data into your applications. To setup a database connection you need to specify a set of parameters that are used to assemble a connection string that is used to connect to a specific database.
The 'SetConnectionStringForSession' API lets you define at runtime a whole new connection string for a database connection, allowing you to use the same data structures (entities) obtained from that database connection but pointing to a different database.
So the connection string is the secret sauce that makes this database switching possible! There are of course a couple of conditions that you should check in the link Davide provided to see if this applies to your case!
Regarding connection pooling, this is ensured at the driver level so that connections using the same connection string are re-used, avoiding the overhead of creating a new connection to the database.

Pretty, Thanks a lot, I worried on the connection pooling :)
Is there a way to handle the oracle XMLType.