cost and deployment

Ok I just signed up and want to get some kind of idea on how this works. We are looking to build a app to run as a website that we expect to have many users with a very fast growth rate. But how this company works as far as where our app or webpage is or can be stored or if we own it free and clear after we create it or the costs involved even just to launch our site is as clear as mud.
would love to hear some suggestions or personal experience with this. 

Hello Sand,

You can read some topics about that matter in the community, but as Davide Marquês in this post :

"Interested parties in getting the Enterprise Edition can use the Contact Us form to get in touch with our Sales staff and that way they will have the assistance they need in evaluating the Agile Platform licensing."

I would say, that you will have the basic/normal infrastructure costs plus the OS license price. Or you go to the cloud option.

I believe that you should rely on the OS Sales team to get that information.

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My sixpence and current understanding based on some discussions and a very good one day intro:

O/S offer a rapid development platform which accelerate development.  In my brief usage of the tools, this was demonstrated and I believe their claims to around 4x is really acheivable.

The 'platform' can either sit in your premises, or in the cloud, or hybrid.  They would need to help you set the particular config up that you wanted.

You dont own the product, you own the websites, and you can also decouple them should you no longer want to use the service.  One of their USPs is that it builds a true .NET/Java applications, that in theory could be taken in house should you decide to leave them - idea being reduce supplier tie-in.  Its not a short term strategy to use these sort of tools though.

The tools are downloaded by devs, they develop locally and deploy to 'wherever' its configured to deploy to.  Out of the box and using their default will deploy to their Amazon Web Serviced cloud infrastructure I believe.

Charging is yearly subscription service, but also per user logged in 'usage' charge, bit like other PAAS service charge models.  Internet, anon users, would not be charged.  Best speak to them about charges.  Given the acceleration potential, it doesnt come to even one developer salary though.

PAAS is broadly categorised into High Productivity and High Control, this is a High Productivity platform, and from the little I have used and seen this in usage, it really works.  It appeals particuarly to me because i manage teams of .Netters and Javaer's and traditionally development is slow in the standard IDE/deployment process.  

I would recommend you check out their Youtube clips and get in touch with them, it really is worth the time, this in my opinion has got to be the future of Development.
Great description Rob!
I was going to jump in here and give a company position, but Rob handled it brilliantly!

Jerrod, our apologies for your intial frustration here. We are not trying to be opaque by any stretch. We have entry-level cost information on the pricing/licensing page.

We noticed the three forum posts you made recently on this topic. Looks like you also filled out a contact us form, which we appreciate. Our sales development group attempted to contact you yesterday. If you connect with them, I am sure we can get to the bottom of your specific situation and offer you the level of detail you are hoping for!

We hope you have a great experience getting to know OutSystems and what our solution can do for you and your team.

Best regards-