Is this company geared for small users or only large companies?

Is this company geared for small users or only large companies?


 We looked at several companies that offer a sim ilar no code system, because we are new to this, but have a VERY clear idea of what we wnt to create and exactly how it would or should work. I have not been able to understand the pricing or costs at all with this company....CLEAR AS MUD!!!! Completely secretive.....Do they want people like us who may have the best ideas to come ??? (Maybe ours is or isn't) but there are some VERY creative minds out there, some of which who are in a position like me been in a particular field and at a point that they cannot drop their lives and go back to school to relearn how to apply themselves in a new industry. 

I thought that this company embraces the people who want and or can help others visualize what they can see or create??

Now after reading a bit I get the personal edition idea to learn develope and test their apps. with only 1 GB that's fine, but yeah perhaps like 2-4 GB would maybe be better. But that makes sense it is to learn and test at your own pace that is an awesome opportunity but there definitely should be a way to back it up.

As far as having to upgrade at some rediculous cost just to use it is crazy. perhaps  a low cost based on the size or complexity of the app then be able to carry it is good. 
Or what I would have expected especially because this company stressed about the ability to monitor the usage and users and activity. The cost should reflect the amount of usage that an app or site generates that would be the most beneficial to everyone involved and open the door to would be developers and small clients. The people with limited budgets and shoestring operations.

The very same people who made this country great and bring their ideas to the benefit of many.

Maybe I too should just skip over this great sounding opportunity that is actually geared for large accounts. Not really what I thought when watching their video introduction.

Perhaps this is meant for monster companies to just hire unskilled people to do the jobs that they used to have to hire skilled developers for.
I don't know but hope to find a solution.

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I am not sure what you are asking precisely.
But the tone of your post is not exactly inviting for a serious answer.

I would kindly suggest to rewrite your post in a more objective and constructive way.

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Hi Jerrod,

My business is not a monster company by any means but we,.. well in about 12 hours will become an OS Enterprise customer for the first time. 

If I may suggest (as S&W did) before you tear off on a rant about licensing and costs etc. you spend more time understanding the concept and positioning of the OS product. In my humble opinion the model is not perfect but it is workable & then again what is ever perfect when it comes to licencing with any product!

Have you actually talked to the OS Sales team? I found them very helpful from the likes of Bárbara Sousa, Nuno Pereira & Alan Singer. Not sure where you are from but I suggest if you have not already done so,... talk to the sales team and they will direct you to a local sales representative.

Cheers! Mark

I got the feeling of what I wrote from posts I have read. I mean really if you want people to take this service seriously there should at least be some sort of base pricing structure or at least a range posted somewhere . I read in one post that it was almost like a trap... sure come make your app for free, and we will give you a price after you put a lot of effort and time into making it. Thrre should be some sort of gauge available. When you get anything done such as a building being built a car repaired , pipes repaired, anything there is ALWAYS an estimate of some kind. Just my opinion, but I will call and see how this works. I don't mean to sound negative at all...Why hide the cost is how I feel.
Again, you need to talk to the sales team!

They can provide you with the information you require. Its not just like buying a .NET template solution as there are many fingers to the OS product and if you tried to produce this licensing on a matrix then good luck to figuring your licencing needs and price. Leave it to the people who know the product inside out!

Refer to the sales staff, tell them what you want to build and they can give you pricing for your licence that best suits your needs.There are no secrets, it's just commercial in confidence.

And to use your analogy, yes before you repair your car, you get a quote. So why did you not get a quote from the sales team prior to building your big app?
Jerrod -

OutSystems is really aimed at the Enterprise market... in that market, it is common practice to not publish prices, or to only publish "list prices" that no one actually pays. Instead, you call a sales team to get a quote.

I just went through this with SolarWinds, for example. It is how "enterprise class software gets sold in most cases. You can't just go to Oracle or Microsoft and order 20 copies of Oracle or Exchange or whatever either, you need to speak to a sales team or an authorized reseller.

I am not saying that this is perfect and I am not saying that this makes sense for the smaller customers. But for the enterprise customers that OutSystems is marketed towards, this is a common way of doing things.

I can relate to what Jerrod means by the pricing transparancy; although the tone of the post has a tad of "frustration" in it. ;)
Also for step-up's it's not very attractive to jump in without having had a good conversation with the Outsystems salesteam to indeed be informed on the pricing model to know what the Platform actually costs or to get a deal that matches their future plans.

Outsystems might want to think out an Enterprise strategy with a little "candy" for step-ups comparible to what Big blue and Oracle have; e.g.:
IBM Open development: Eclipse
IBM Closed development: Rational
(Maybe a bad example since Eclipse is now more and more a full blown dev platform)

IBM Light DBMS: Informix
(Ok; Informix needs to be paid for; can scale better but is very good for OLTP and step up usage; like in Routers / Portable devices)

Oracle Light DBMS: MySQL (Yaay still free but pretty good for a huge diversity of dev env's and more than enough for running small to medium sized production environments)
Oracle Heavy DBMS: Oracle

That way you can start out with technology that has a lower step-up price and will
eventually get more expensive as soon as you need better support / performance / scaling.
@erik, watch the nextstep and version 9 :)

Statler & Waldorf and the amazing flappy tweedles! wrote:
@erik, watch the nextstep and version 9 :)
I'll be joining this years MyNextstep (the Nextstep itself next year again) :)
You make me very curious now! ;)
check this one out:

Does it work? I cannot get the slideshow working......
Mark Bayles wrote:
Does it work? I cannot get the slideshow working......
Not working for me either but it might be local firewall or something.
Security of our company network is tighter than the one from Alcatraz.

In the past if I would send out private mail by attaching it to a pigeon, it would
get shot as soon as it were about 8 feet from the ground.
This is what Systems call "Deep Pigeon Dissection"; internet providers have named "Deep Packet Inspection" after that.
 It's working with me.
Yes it is working now. Must of been having a "moment" yesterday!

From what I glean from the slide shows then we have some interesting 'thingies' coming!
If you need it, it will work for you whether your business is big or small.