Feedback message is not displayed on page redirection

Feedback message is not displayed on page redirection

In the action of a button there is a feedback message to be dispalyed after which it is redirected to another page. While performing such action the feedback message does not show up. Can you please guide us how to implement this scenario.

Note: The feedback message is displayed when there is no page redirection.
Hi Harsha,

The only reason I can think of is that the destination page doesn't have the normal or london layout which includes the feedback message web block. What is the layout of the destination page?
Hi Andre,
The whole project is on london layout and redirected page is also have london layout.
Can you share your code?
I did a quick test and it worked as expected...

Have exactly the same problem described by Harsha.

The Document Flow Theme is ok. It's actually on transitions from page to page (redirections) that it is able to display the feedback_message.

Any more inside about this?


The problem must be the theme, when I redirect inside the eSpace it doesn't work but if I redirect to another eSpace it works. What is strange is that both eSpaces are using the same theme (the first imports the theme from the second).

Ok the solution was to use a Theme_Layout web block on the webpage. Now it works. Maybe it means that a Theme on the web flow is only applied in its screens if they have a Theme_Layout webblock!?!

Anyway solved...
Hi pedro,

For the feedback message to be rendered on the page you need to have the Feedback widget from RichWidgets on that page. The Theme_Layout already includes that web block and that's why it renders the message.
Off Course!