Theming, integration of 2 apps to provide same look & feel


I am struggling with the following.

I have created a basic theme, just like richwidgets themes. let's call it Green.
Now I create a application with pages, so it all looks nicely green. Call it the Core-app

Next up, I create an application Custom which contains specific pages, but also uses pages of the Core app.
By default the Custom pages can be green as well, but this time they want their pages have a different theme.
They paid heavily for a theme called "Blue".

How can I change the theme of the core (it's just css) without having to republish the Core-app ?


In the Custom create a new theme inherited from Core and apply it to the Custom pages, you'll need to put them in a separate flow...

From what I understood
Core-App theme=Green
Custom App theme=Blue
CoreApp pages in CustomApp appear Green, But you want them to be Blue

HTTPRequestHandler Extension has some actions like or AddStyleSheetTag  or AddPostProcessingFilter 
which you could use in the preparation of the Core-App pages based on some parameter based logic

Pedro Gonçalves wrote a neat guide to dynamically switching Stylesheets

Charles J. Colaco

and yes Charles, that is the answer i was looking for (for now)

@Andre, yeah I know that, but the core app will still be green sadly, and it should be blue ;)

well, it's a different way of that specific problem, but will not solve my problem!

well, i made it slightly easier.
I was not sure why the "addstylesheet" was needed in the first place, because you do an addpostprocessingfilter with an empty replacement?

so i ended up with just the addpostprocessingfilter with a css a just have..