OS 8.x and Sharepoint 2013 - Same server


Currently doing some planning for how and where we are going to roll-out our OS production server.

Has anybody ever had OS running on the same server (MS2012) with Sharepoint 2013 installed? Is it at all possible?

Cheers, Mark
Mark -

Not a good idea, unless you are going to install SP to a site in IIS that is not the "Default Web Site". OutSystems likes to take over Default Web Site.

Even then, I would not recommend it. Both are products that go far beyond being a mere "Web application", with things like scheduling systems, file sharing, etc. I've had SharePoint share machines with other things ("why have another Windows box to manage?") and it was a headache, trying to share it with OutSystems strikes me as being likely to make you unhappy.

Hi Justin,

I assumed that it would not be a good idea & appreciate your feedback!

Cheers, Mark