Migration to a new Server

Hi all,

I want to migrate all the data (SQL Server 2008 R2) and all Outsystems application (V8) from Infrastruture A to Infrastruture B. The Infrastruture A it's all-in-one layers (Database, Front-End & Deploy Server). Infrastruture B has 2 Front-End Servers, 1 Deploy Server and cluster Database. What's the correct steps that i should follow? 
Francisco -

Check the downloads section, there are exact technical notes on this. Here's the overview:

1. Backup the DB on IA.
2. Restore the DB to IB.
3. Do a couple of things on the restored DB to make sure the logins work (in the tech note).
4. Point the deploy server in IB to the new DB.
5. Create a new session DB in IB.
6. Add & configure the two front end servers to IB.
7. Do a full republish w/full compilations in IB to make sure everything is up-to-date and gets deployed to the front end servers.
8. Point your load balancer to the two front end servers in IB. You can use any load balancing method you want, sessions are stored in the DB so there is no need for a user to always go back to the same front end.