Tool to create Templates

Tool to create Templates

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In .Net we have tools like Crystal Reports to generate templates, which can be used during run time to generate documents which can be attached to email with the appropriate data. Is there any component in the forge which can be used or Do we have to look at integration studio?

Hi there Hari,

I think what you're looking is something like Agile Reporting Services.

Take a look at:

Thanks Pedro.

Will take a look...

Be sure to note that this product is no longer available as I discovered in another thread.  I also have a need to integrate Outsystems with Crystal Reports.  One of the easiest ways to do this is to create a web service with the data you want and then create a Crystal Report that uses the web service as a data source.  There are other options but they would require using the Crystal Reports SDK and use that within an extension.  I haven't pursued that yet.
Hi all,

In this post there's an extension to use Crystal Reports.

Hope that helps.