OutSystems Training Manual
Quick question: Do you have an existing PDF file of an OutSystems training manual aside from the videos presented in the Academy section. I mean some reading materials for offline use.
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Hi Ju-chan,

We don't have an offline training manual.
Can you develop a little bit more your need for such material? Thank you!
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I was thinking if OutSystems does have some kind of offline training manual.

The case is that, after deploying applications built into the OutSystems Platform and the IT department will be the ones supporting the deployed application instead of the developers may get a hard time learning OutSystems with factors that they are not allowed to surf the Internet/ watch a video stream.

That's all. Just asking. :)
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This is asked every year, sometimes even more frequently.
The problem is that every help can be outdated. The advantage of OS platform is this community that can answer in realtime.

Your IT team should do a Support Engineer Bootcamp. The best you can do for them, is to save some of the approved tutorials for later use.
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As a suggestion, it will be good to have a manual "as of X version" or "as of X date"  because it is very difficult to reference a video or be hours browsing the forums and self-help just to get the answer to a question. It will be very helpful resource for your whole community and I am sure will diminish the support resource from your company.  And also your user will be more efficient.

As an example, the javascript syntax need some change depending upon where it is used, but it is not openly discussed anywhere, Please if I am wrong, correct me.  Thanks. 

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Hello sir.... I want to join  and learn outsytem asap...Pls help me


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Hola consulta

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