I am looking for a guide...

I am looking for a guide...


I have little to no programming experience.
I am somewhat familiar with basic programming (commodore 64 days), VB from college (~1999-2000)
I am highly interested in app development but I need better clarity on how the process works.
I have watched the tutorial modules 1-3 and I was able to duplicate the efforts shown.
Module 4 really twisted my brain in a knot because of the concepts and language used.
I am hoping to find somebody to help me find the tools necessary to bridge the gap in my understanding.
I have also submitted an idea to the idea board to get some insight into some of the things I am hoping to accomplish.
Thank you,
Your problem is in understanding relational databases? That isn't that easy to explain.

Have you tried to open any of the example applications and see what as been done? The best way to understand is by example.

I have been looking up HTML and CSS coding online and that has been helpful to some degree.
I am going back over the CONTACTS Tutorial.
I am trying to understand the twisted path that I have already taken.
Very difficult untying this knot.
Hi Eric,

Can I respectfully recommend that you attend an OutSystems developer Boot Camp to help you? This is a week long class and you will walk away from it on Friday MUCH more knowledgable on the whole process than when you entered it on Monday.

Plus, you can attend remotely! :-) Here is a link if you are interested