copy and rename an Entity

I have an entity that is the master and would like to copy that master over to a workable entity.  After answering the questions that the entity contains I would like to email that entity and create a report.  How do I do that?
Can you please eloborate it a bit further?
Because for me it's a but ambigiuous and can be interpreted on many levels
1. I would like to copy an file and rename it.
2. I would like to use the copied file for updating it.
3. I would like to take that file and email it.
4. Then I would delete the file.

I use the word file, you may call it an "Entity".
well, file and entity are big differences in the Outsystems world, hence the confusion.

if you use file, use the filextension and work with that.
if you use entity, do you mean a record of an enity, or the enity as a while (thus a table in database)

if you mean a record, just have an editscreen, and when you save, don't save it back to the database, but email it directly and do nothing afterwards.

You want to:
1) read a file and save it to record(s)
2) edit that(those) record(s)
3) send the information by email as a new file

Depending on the file format, you need to use different extensions.
Show me one.
James Brown wrote:
Show me one.
 Hello James,

I am always willing to put effort in my answers and even provide some hints/tips and even espaces.
But I expect some effort from you as well and some decent writing.
The answer you just gave is just annoying.

I have to strongly agree with Statler on this.  I was going to reply to your original post and as I started writing it I realized that, as Statler did, that the original question was basically asking to design most of a function with no background on why you need to do this - i.e., the use case.  The way I read it you were trying to manipulate actual files where Outsystems probably isn't the desired way to do that, if that is your one and only use case.

If you do continue your exploration of Outsystems you need to put in a little effort.  Look at the videos and documentation, understand the terminology and formulate a question with some background including 'why' you are trying to something and I know you will get the help you need.