[FileSystem] The device is not ready.

[FileSystem] The device is not ready.

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Published on 10 Aug by João Portela
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Published on 10 Aug by João Portela

When i am using this extension i am getting error as "" ?
Hi Deepak

What is the path of the file that you are trying to use?

João Rosado
Hi Deepak,

Your application runs on a web server not on your local machine! Therefore when and where the code runs you don't have access to your local D drive. The FileSystem extension is use to get access to the file system in the server running your application. Probably in your case you will want to send the file from an input on the page...

Hello André,

Thanks for the response.

My objective to read the text file(fixed length file) which will be reside on a remote location (like FTP).
Please let me know what should be my approach or suggest me any example which is similar to my requirement.


If your requirement is FTP then you should search for a FTP component, maybe this one.
With this i can  get the files from FTP but i also want to read those files and put all records from those text files to DB. so what should i use for this problem.
The Get method returns the Binary content of the file so you can use the BinaryData extension to convert that to text and then the Text extension to manipulate it.
HI Deepak,

You can first use a fileuplaod to uplaod your file to the server and the you can read it from the server.:)