Hello Outsystems,

i recently encountered an error,
Err: Your license is invalid as it was issued for a different server with the following serial number
Contact OutSystems Sales to keep using your applications and the OutSystems Platform.

i manage to resolve this by uploading my current licensed that is use in our server, then
all the signs went green, but later this afternoon after the network had an error, the service studion cannot connect to the localhost, when i check again the service center,again theres and licesing error as mention above.
i try to reupload again our lincesed but to no avail, it didnt work. 
note: we didnt reformat, or migrate or change the server.

looking forward for your kind assistance.


Julius, your serials are visible in the screenshot.

Has the server changed ip?
Hi Nuno Reis,

i forgot to blur the image, anyway the server change IP, but we manage to return the IP that is being registed
to our server, we set it to static, we restart the server but when i open the ousystems service center it pop an 
error saying that we have a problem to our licensed, i reupload our licensed but to no avail.
please help.

Hi Nuno Reis,

i change the DNS and everything goes well. 


You need to contact support@outsystems.com

They will be able to assist.