Keep having to refresh a commonly-used espace

Keep having to refresh a commonly-used espace


we have an application with lots of espaces.
1 of it is the theme-espace. there we have our layout-webblock.

No matter what we do we always have to refresh the references because the layout-webblock mysteriously has changed without having "touched" the espace.
let me put it another way.

we refresh the reference of the theme-espace in espace X.
we publish espace X.
we click on add/remove references et voila, it's back, we need to refresh it again
we refresh the reference of the layout-webblock.
rince and repeat..

the merge window tells us this "Block preview was changed"
which, tbh,  I don't understand at all...

how can we fix this?

That is often due to circular references between the theme block and something else... when the something else changes, the preview of the theme changes.

If I'm not wrong that can also happen if you have a placeholder container that is on the False branch of an If condition.
@Justin, that is what I first thought, but sadly, if there is even a cyclic dependancy it's more than 3 deep.
(Discovery doesn't show it anyways)

@Nuno ugh, That would suck monkeyballs.

Can you reproduce it with 2 example espaces?
If you refresh all references in the producer espace and publish it, do the refresh cycle still continues in the consumer?

João Rosado
I found the issue (don't blame me for the code btw :P )

In the layout there were a couple of nested tables in and in a cell there was a div with extended-property
and style "position: fixed".
since, it was fixed, i chnaged it to absolute and moved it outside of the nested-tables.
the styling i placed inside a css as well.

since then, we no longer have the refresh-issue